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Get More Sales with Share a Biz

Why Choose Share a Biz?

We sell for you! Only pay when we make a sale!

  • Free advertising

  • More sales

  • 100% free to use

  • No monthly fee's

  • No startup fee's

We helped a small business earn an extra $254,000 just last year! How much can we help you earn?

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Groupon alternative for businesses
Groupon alternative for businesses
Groupon alternative for businesses
Groupon alternative for businesses

One-of-a-Kind Platform

Powerful Marketing

High Intent Customers

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How It Works

Establish Commission Rates

Let us know how much commission you can give so we can start promoting your products or services!

Get More Customers

Start gaining new customers and watch the sales come in!

Research & Case Studies

Cash Back Study Results:

  • 40% increase customer acquisition

  • 418% week-over-week click-through rate

  • 151% increase in sales year-over-year

  • Up to 64% increase in order value

  • Up to 35% increase in repeat buyers (stickiness)


Referrals Study Results:

  • 20% increase in customer acquisition.

  • Cost of acquiring a new customer decreases by 30% to 50%

  • 300% order amount increase

  • Social engagement increases by up to 120%

  • Revenue increase of up to 50%


Giveaway Study Results:

  • 93% increase in retargeting click-through-rate

  • 12% increase in sales

  • Up to 60% conversion rate

cash back case study

What We Do

Share a Biz uses the power of referrals, cash-back, and giveaways to bring in high intent customers for your business.


Our platform also offers an opportunity for users who aren't your customers to earn money by referring their friends and family to your business for free, you only pay after you make a sale.

Whether you operate locally or internationally, our platform ensures a higher likelihood of gaining market share in your industry.

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Pro's & Cons


  1. Gain more exposure, which can increase long-term sales.

  2. Gain more short-term sales.

  3. Gain a boost in search engine optimization (SEO) so your site can rank higher in Google over time. 

  4. Free advertising! 

  5. No Risk on your part!


  1. We can't think of any yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this platform give me more customers vs. my competition? 1. Low competition: We only allow 1-5 similar type businesses on our platform, depending on the city population. This means that your company will stand out more than your competition. If your business is in a smaller city with less than a population of 20,000 we will only allow 1-2 businesses of the same type (plumbing, gym, bowling, etc.). 2. Happier customers: Customers love rewards programs and discounts, so they can feel like they are getting a bargain and are making wise choices with their money. This program let's the customer get a bargain and incentivizes the friend to make money at the same time. Since they will most likely already have a relationship, both of them will feel happy about the transaction, which will increase the likelihood of them being a repeat customer.  3. More exposure: Most businesses do not have a cash back, referral, or giveaway system in place for their customers. If they do, the customer rarely finds out about it. Since we actively promote these along with your company profile, your company will stand out more than your competitor. 

Why can't I just start my own rewards system/I already have one? 1. Free advertising: You can surely start one on your own, but if you go with us, you will gain free advertising and be connected to our large network. . Our users are constantly scrolling for new businesses to promote in order to save money and make some extra cash. If you don't join, it will be your competitors business listing they will be seeing, instead of yours.  2. One payment system: All of the commissions from the sales that we bring in will be managed by us. All you have to do is pay us once each month and then we will disperse all of the payments to each affiliate. This will save you time and energy so you can continue to grow your business!

Can I test the platform out for a few months? Sure, you can test it out, but as time goes on, we will have more and more users, which will give your business more and more exposure. As long as your business is providing quality products or services and are paying us when you get a sale from our referral, we will keep your listing active. However, once you request to be delisted, we will actively seek a new business in your market space to replace you.

How do I stay current with Share a Biz? ​ You can stay current with us as long as your business provides quality products and services. If we get more than three valid complaints from our users we will conduct an investigation. If we find that your business is repeatedly providing bad quality or service we will have to deactivate your listing. We only want to partner with the best brands. We will also deactivate you if you do not pay us the commissions are users are owed. 

How much does your platform cost? We do not charge any upfront cost. If your business never makes a sale from one of our referrals, you won't pay us anything. You only pay after you make a sale. 

Who are your users? Our users/members are a combination between two types: 1. Professional affiliate marketers that know how to market and sell products. 2. Everyday average people that want to use your products and services. 3. Everyday average people looking to make extra money by sharing your business with their friends and family. We allow anyone to join and use our platform for free. However, we only allow those with professional experience to promote your products or services to the public (i.e. their website, social media, or any public platform). If we find regular users are sharing your business on a public platform, we will immediately ban them from our program

Service Businesses

Internet Businesses

International Businesses

Get High Intent Customers with Share a Biz


Gain More Exposure with Free Advertising and see how much more you can earn!.

We helped one small business earn an extra $254,000 in just the last year alone! How much can we help you earn? 

Need Help Signing up?

Contact us or click the Getting Started tab once you login. 

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