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We are Hiring!

Are you wanting to work with an American company, but no one will give you a chance? 

Maybe you don't have the education or experience.

Here at Share a Biz, we recognize that not everyone has the same opportunities. We know that life can bring unexpected things, sometimes good and sometimes bad, so maybe you never got the opportunity to get an education or the proper experience to get a good paying job.

Today is your lucky day. 

Today is one of those days that you get a glimpse of hope and a chance to make better yourself and your family.

Share a Biz doesn't care if you are rich or poor, whether you are educated and have experience or not. We are giving you the opportunity to prove yourself. 

We are giving interviews to get hired with a monthly salary to everyone that:


  • Recruits 100 people or more.

  • Refer and have 10 businesses or more sign up as a partner.

We will hire you on the spot for a monthly salary if you:

  • Sign up 1000 people or more

  • Sign up 100 businesses.

By doing these things it shows a demonstration of hard work and determination. 

If you haven't sign up here today and get started. 

We will be waiting for you!

How You Can Help

  • Share these brochures with every company you shop at.

  • Share your recruiting link with everyone you know.

  • Share your recruiting link and user brochure with people on the streets.

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